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Topics include:

1. Commercialisation of Advanced Nanotechnology

2. Nanomaterial Properties: Photoelectric, Electrochromism, Vibration, Electronic and Optical

3. Nanomaterials and their Applications for Sensing and Photovoltaic

4. Nanomaterials Synthesis properties, Modifications and Applications

5. Mechanism of Formation of  Nanopowders

6. Nanoparticles Synthesis by Thermal Plasma

7. Nanosized Composite Materials

8. Preparation of Nanoparticles, including MEMS, CVD, Electrodeposition, Sonochemical, Microwave and Thermal Methods

9. Other Nanomaterials and Application: Meso and Nanoporous, Photonic and Nanosheet Materials

10. Surface Technology Coatings: Thick & Thin Films, Surface Fabrication, Modification & Characterisation

11. Materials for Energy Applications

12. Nanomedicine & Applied Bio-Nanotechnology

13. Carbon Nanotubes, Wires, Rods and their Applications

14. Advanced Nanometrology and Nanomanufacturing Techniques

15. Graphene and other 2-dimensional Nanostructures

16. Modelling of Molecular Structure and of Chemical Properties of Nanoparticles and Nanostructures

17. Magnetic Nanomaterials and Materials for Spintronics

18. Nanomaterials for Electronics, Optoelectronics, Optics and Photonics

19. Nanomaterials for Medicine, Sensors, Fuel Cells, Batteries and for Catalysis

20. Metallic, Ceramic, Polymer and Nanohybrides Materials


SUBMIT ABSTRACTS by 19 July 2013

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