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Jong Min Kim, Senior Vice President- Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, South Korea

"Nanotechnology and its Convergence for Applications"



1. Peter Boggild, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

"On-chip nanostructure fabrication in- and outside the electron microscope"

2. Jun Jiao, Portland State University, USA

"Novel Nanomanufacturing Process of Graphene-based Hybrids for Clean and Renewable Energy Applications"

3. Shunri Oda, Tokyo Tech, Japan

"Neo-Silicon based nanoelectromechanical information devices"

4. Arokia Nathan, Cambridge University, UK 

"Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors TFTs: Compact Device Modeling and Systems Design Considerations"

5. Pierre Legagneux, Thales, France

"Optically driven electrons sources based on carbon nanotubes"

6. Jawwad Darr, University College London, UK

"High throughput and scale up of green nano-ceramics syntheses using continuous hydrothermal reactors: from lab to market"

7. Didier Pribat, SKKU, South Korea

"Nanostructured Si and Al for improved Li-ion battery anodes"

8. Wei Lei, Southeast University, China

"Field Emission Display with Graphene Sheets"

9. Mike Siegal, Sandia Corporation, USA

"Low-Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes"

10. Masayuki Nakamoto, Shizuoka University, Japan

"Extremely Stable and Low Work Function Transfer Mold Field Emitter Arrays for Harsh Environments"

11. Richard Jackman, University College of London, UK

"Nanodiamonds and NanoCarbon Onions for neuronal cell attachment and growth"

12. Philippe Bergonzo, CEA, France

"Processing diamond electrodes to communicate with neuron cells"

13. Professor Ganapati Myneni, University of Virginia, USA

"Revolutionizing CW SRF accelerators with ingot niobuium" 

14. Professor Jose Rivas, INL, Portugal





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